Sunday, 26 January 2014

Welcome to Chauhan's HIstory Blog

History has been quite a subject of interest amongst people but the perception that youth has of History shows their ignorance of such a vast, wide rational discipline. We grow up in a society where more leverage is often given to life sciences, mechanical and technical streams and other vocational discipline rather than humanities. It is not for the reason that these streams interest them more but this is merely notion in India that one can produce the best intellect if one has ever been the part of a Science School or Engineering College or a Medical Institution. With the passage of time this thought also changed a bit and people got attracted to paramedical and non-medical sciences. Above all with the growing influnces of capitalization and industrialization, commerce got bit more preference. Still Humanity lacked behind. It is general perception in India that one who can not opt for either of Commerce or Science, should opt for ART as there is hardly anything else left for him to do.